J. Nathan Matias

At the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media, I make art, software and social processes which empower people to become more creative, more effective, and more informed. My recent projects include the Festival of Learning, research on gender representation in the news, and tablet tech for social checkups.

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Rising Voices: Wiring Offgrid Villages & Preserving Language Online

Around the world, an emerging group of language activists are recognizing that participatory digital media can play a part in engaging and encouraging the next generation of speakers of endangered and indigenous languages. Eddie Avila (Bolivia), Oliver Stegen (Germany/Kenya), Abdoulaye Bah (Guinea) and Boukary Konaté (Mali) discuss the challenges.

Are They Watching Me? Internet Surveillance

Jillian York (Global Voices and Electronic Frontier Foundation) starts off this session by asking participants if they think their government is monitoring their electronic communications. She goes onto explore new trends in technical surveillance and censorship with Rob Faris (Berkman Center for Internet & Society), Ellery Biddle (Center for Democracy & Technology), Afef Abrougui (Global Voices, Tunisia) and Mohamed El Gohary (Global Voices, Egypt).

The State of Kenyan Citizen Media

Kennedy Kachwanya is chairman of the Blogger's association of Kenya. Collins Mbalo won the Best African Blogger award, a global voices author, who blogs from a Kenyan perspective. Judith Owigar is the cofounder and president of Akirachix.

How do “Small” African Nations Grab the World's Attention?

Why do these countries have less of a voice? They are sometimes separated by language. Sometimes news agencies don't have it in their interest to report from these countries. Other times, historical ties of colonisation create blind spots for international media.

Opening Panel: The Global Rise of Citizen Media

Is Citizen Media many movements, or one movement, and how can we work together? Moderating this discussion is Ethan Zuckerman, co-founder of Global Voices, with panelists from South East Asia, the Middle East and Pakistan.