The Global Voices summit (#GV2012) will include plenary discussions, topic-based breakout groups, and open sessions using an “unconference” format in which participants can propose discussions topics and hands-on training workshops.

We are facilitating online, real-time participation and will be capturing, translating, and publishing the knowledge and conversations coming out of the meeting as part of the process. See our Summit Panel summaries, updated live throughout the day.

Please see below for the schedule for the Global Voices Summit 2012.

July 2 Schedule

Time Elephant Plaza Giraffe House Leopard Lounge
8.00-8.45 Registration – Main entrance, Pride Inn Raphta Road
9:00-9:15 Welcome and opening remarks
10:15-10:45 Break + Coffee
12:45-14:00 Lunch
14:30-15:30 OPEN PROGRAMME (room assignments for each session TBA)
15:30-16:00 Break + Coffee
17:30-19:00 Join us for cocktails! (Entertainment by POWO poets, REPACTED and Pierce Freelon & Apple Juice Kid)

July 3 Schedule

Time Elephant Plaza Giraffe House Leopard Lounge
8.00-8.45 Registration – Main entrance, Pride Inn Raphta Road
9:00-9:15 Welcome
10:45-11:15 Break + Coffee
12:15-13:45 Lunch
14:00-15:00 OPEN PROGRAMME (room assignments for each session TBA)
15:00-15:30 Break + Coffee
15:30-16:30 OPEN PROGRAMME (room assignments for each session TBA)

Full List of Summit Talks

#Occupy Everywhere

Social media and global variations of the #Occupy movement and organizing spirit.

Alexey Sidorenko (Russia)
Nwachukwu Egbunike (Nigeria)
Leila Nachawati (Spain)
Robert Valencia (USA)

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Announcing Breaking Borders Award Winners

Two citizen media projects awarded $10,000 each.

Bob Boorstin (Google)
Ivan Sigal (Global Voices)

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Are They Watching Me?

Exploring new trends in technical surveillance and censorship.

Jillian C. York (Electronic Frontier Foundation)
Rob Faris (Berkman Center for Internet & Society)
Ellery Biddle (Center for Democracy & Technology)
Afef Abrougui (Global Voices, Tunisia)
Mohamed El Gohary (Global Voices, Egypt)

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Citizen Media for Organizing Action – The Kenya Example

Tom Mboya – Moderator
Alison Ngibuini – #Kenya28Feb
Ahmed Salim – #FeedKE
Saiton Tameno – #SpreadTheLove

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Closing Session

Closing ceremony of the Summit.

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Creating an African Network

Connections and unity between African citizen media and outsiders trying to help.

Ndesanjo Macha (Global Voices, Sub-Saharan Africa)
Anna Gueye (Global Voices Françafrique)
Erik Charas (@Verdade Mozambique)
Macharia Maina (A24 Media, Kenya)

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Data Visualization

There's a lot of conversation about the importance of data and visualization, yet there's very little discussion on its effectivity in actually driving insight and informing the general public about important events. In this session, panelists will explore the effectivity of data visualization and geographical mapping initiatives by highlighting where they succeed and where they fail.

Gilad Lotan (SocialFlow)
Nathan Matias (MIT Media Lab)
Marek Tuszynski (Tactical Technology Collective)
Tarek Amr (Global Voices, Egypt)
Kepha Ngito (Map Kibera)

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Giants of the Internet: What Role and Responsibility?

How global Internet corporations protect the rights of their users… and what happens when they don't.

Ivan Sigal (Global Voices)
Bob Boorstin (Google)
Max Schrems (Europe vs. Facebook)
Ramzi Jaber (

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Global Rise of Citizen Media

Framing the focus of the Summit and the greater questions. Are we a global movement?

Moderator: Ethan Zuckerman (Global Voices)
Mong Palatino (Philippines)
Amira Al Hussaini (Bahrain)
Matisse Bustos Hawkes (WITNESS/USA)
Faisal Kapadia (Pakistan)

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How Do “Small” African Nations Grab the World's Attention?

Experiences of non-Anglophone African countries drawing attention to major, dramatic events.

Adérito Caldeira (@Verdade, Mozambique)
Archippe Yepmou (Internet Sans Frontières)
Sara Moreira (Global Voices Lusafrica)
Janet Gunter (Global Voices Lusafrica)
Julie Owono (Cameroon)

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Inside/Outside: Diaspora Influence Online

Diasporic communities can now take virtually full part in national political and civic life in their countries of origin, thanks to new media. From the academic and activist perspectives, what are the consequences?

Susan Benesch (American University, School of International Service)
Elaine Diaz (Cuba)
Fred Petrossian (Iran)
Nanjira Sambuli (Kenya)
Gershom Ndhlovu (Zambia)

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Internet Lifeline: Participatory Health Media

Participatory health media has been enabling citizens to tell their personal stories about the impact that health issues have had on their lives, but it can also play an important role in collecting and distributing vital information needed in developing countries.

Serina Kalande (Blogging Positively, Kenya)
Leah Okeyo (World Pulse, Kenya)
Paul Warambo (Translators without Borders, Kenya)
Laura Walker Hudson (FrontlineSMS)

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Keeping Endangered Languages Alive

Around the world, an emerging group of language activists is recognizing that participatory digital media can play a part in engaging and encouraging the next generation of speakers of endangered and indigenous languages. However, using these languages on the internet can present some technical and cultural challenges.

Eddie Avila (Bolivia)
Oliver Stegen (Germany/Kenya)
Abdoulaye Bah (Guinea)
Boukary Konaté (Mali)

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Kenyan Citizen Media 101

What's up with citizen media in Kenya? For an international audience.

Moderator: Robert Kunga (Kenya)
Kennedy Kachwanya (Kenya)
Collins Mbalo (Kenya)
Judith Owigar (Kenya)

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Middle East and North Africa: Citizen Media Uprisings

Successful strategies for building networks, defining goals, stewardship

Sami ben Gharbia (Nawaat, Tunisia)
Hisham Almiraat (, Morocco)
Amira Al-Hussaini (Middle East)
Zeynep Tufekci (Turkey/USA)
Tarek Amr (Egypt)
Leila Nachawati (Syria)

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Open Programme Pre-Session

Gather to finalise roster of open programme sessions

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Main entrance, Pride Inn Raphta Road

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Rising Voices Spotlight: Wiring Offgrid River Villages (Mali) & Aymara Language Preservation Online (Bolivia)

Slideshow storytelling from Mali and Bolivia.

Boukary Konaté (Mali)
Victoria Tinta (Bolivia)

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Who Rules Our Networked World?

Citizen participation in deciding the structure of a free and open global and national Internet.

Rebecca MacKinnon (Global Voices)
Ellery Biddle (Center for Democracy & Technology)
Sana Saleem (Bolo Bhi, Global Voices Pakistan)
Alex Gakuru (Kenya)

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