Inside/Outside: Diaspora Influence Online

  July 2, 2012

The Diaspora influence online session exposed various experiences between countries and the need to consider important gaps in communication, worldview, political and economic conditions between various communities of common heritage who strive to work together.

Keeping Endangered Languages Alive Online

  July 2, 2012

Will we all converge on English and Chinese online? Or will technology help sustain our many mother tongues? Eddie Avila, Director of Rising Voices, notes the difference between endangered languages and underrepresented languages. Three of the panelists are working with the latter in African languages.

The State of Kenyan Citizen Media

  July 2, 2012

Kennedy Kachwanya is chairman of the Blogger's association of Kenya. Collins Mbalo won the Best African Blogger award, a global voices author, who blogs from a Kenyan perspective. Judith Owigar is the cofounder and president of Akirachix.

Pre-Summit Academic Workshop Underway

  June 30, 2012

For the first time during a Global Voices Summit we're hosting an academic workshop called “Digital Media and Disruptive Publics”. David Faris of the Meta-Activism Project relates the first day of events.

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